big basin state park

We took a little day trip down to Big Basin State Park. These are the things I learned:

1. Windy drives + my tummy = close calls of puking in the car
2. I always forget that with nature comes bugs. Mosquitoes that tried to attack my baby's pristine head!
3. Trevor and I have no clue how to do things outdoors. We looked VERY out of place among the people in tight bike suits, people with backpacks full of water and provisions and people with actual hiking shoes.
4. The thought of camping makes me shudder.
5. Going on a hike with a baby who now insists on "helping" to push the stroller was not the best idea.
6. Spencer LOVES being outside. He sat down approximately every 11 seconds to pick up a new stick/pinecone/rock/piece of dirt.
7. While I don't like camping, I could spend a snowy weekend in that cabin baking cookies and reading a book by the fire. That's as close as I'll ever get.

Next weekend we're headed down to Monterey with some friends. I'll think we'll fit in a bit more down there!

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Lora said...

Amen on the camping! But I like cabins and certainly like fresh-baked cookies :) I hope Spencer's pristine head is still doing well hehe :)