15 months!

My little baby is almost 15 months now! Here are a few things about him...

:: He's really picking up the signs we're working on. He can now sign more, all done, sleep, dog, blanket, milk, water, mom, dad and we're working on a few others.

:: His favorite book at the moment is Green Eggs and Ham. I'm glad he likes Dr. Seuss!

:: When he wants you to read a book to him, he'll hand you the book, then turn around and back up into your lap. It's the cutest.

:: He's getting very good at stacking his blocks, meticulously making sure that a flat blue side is always facing up.

:: Spencer loves going on walks. He'll point out all the birds and dogs on the way and stop to pick up some rocks as well.

:: He is very good at making messes. He takes things from one room and drops them in another. We have lost two kitchen timers, a make-up brush and a few travel-size toiletries due to this habit.

:: Now that it's getting warmer, we are spending more time outside playing in the water. He loves splashing in our make-shift pool and tossing the hose around.

:: He likes to play with some random things: avocado pits, toothbrushes, our rolling pin and cotton balls.

This age has been really fun! We're in a really good rhythm and Spencer is learning so much. We sure love our little dude!

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Coup n' Kal said...

so cute! love the make shift pool :)!