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As you know,

back in October I attended the Film is Not Dead Workshop by the one and only Jonathan Canlas. It truly was a life-changing experience {you can read my review of the experience here}.

Jonathan has JUST released an amazing new resource for anyone who has thought about shooting film... whether you are getting back into after a long hiatus or want to start on a new journey:

This pdf booklet {almost 100 pages!} will answer ANY question you have about film. Where to start, how to shoot, how to develop it and how to store it. Seriously, it covers EVERYTHING you might want to know. Best of all, it's written by Jonathan himself.

In an industry crowded with big names and big secrets, Jonathan's approach is refreshing. He loves his craft and wants to share his knowledge... not to make a buck, but to inspire others. He wants to see you succeed. He wants you to refine your vision. He wants you to be proud of the photographs you take.

If you've been curious about film, go buy this PDF. If you purchase it before February 24, it's ONLY $89! {price goes up to $149 afterwards... still a steal in my book}

Do. It.

to see my film work, click here.

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