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Before we got married, my husband and I agreed that we wanted at least 2 years together before we started trying for a baby. That was the “plan” and we felt like it would give us enough time to ourselves before expanding our family. Our 2nd anniversary was in June 2010. We decided that in August, when my prescription for birth control ended, that would be the beginning of the next chapter of our lives: a baby.
I was so excited, nervous, and unsure of when it would happen. But I was sure it would happen within a couple months’ time. That’s how it happened for lots of my friends, so naturally I assumed our case would be the same. So after a month passed, I wasn’t worried.

Two months turned into 6 months. In that time I didn’t start periods on my own. So progesterone was prescribed in hopes of giving my system a “jump start” and that I would soon conceive. If not, we could then discuss further options. At the 6 month mark, I started getting nervous but didn’t allow myself to over think it.

My husband and I decided that we wouldn’t worry about it just yet. Besides, we were still having fun and a baby would happen in due time. We decided that we’d wait another 6 months(which will have been a full year of trying) before we took extra measures.

The year mark came, and still no baby. I had watched many friends get pregnant in that time and was able to visit many new babies in the hospital. Each visit becoming a little more difficult than the last. At that point, I started to become impatient, and the emotional pain of not being able to conceive started to hit me hard. I finally made the appointment with my doctor to discuss starting Clomid. I was sure this would work. It had to. Before I could be prescribed the medication, Allen needed to be tested to rule out a few of the potential male factors with our infertility struggles. The results came back normal. And before I knew it, I was on Clomid. I still wasn’t having periods on my own. So I had to start with a 10 day round of progesterone pills to start a cycle. Each of the 4 rounds of Clomid I completed started with a round of progesterone. One round was 50mg, the other 3 were 100mg.

This August will be the two year mark of when we started trying for a baby. And it’s been an emotional ride. Last week we finally got some answers. We had a consultation with a fertility specialist and I was diagnosed with PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). The specialist seems very optimistic that by Ovulation Induction and lots of monitoring, we should be able to conceive. His positive attitude and dedication to us and our desire for a baby, gives me hope that this will work. And even if this particular treatment doesn’t work, I believe this doctor will be able to help us.

I have faith that my husband and I will, one day, be parents, however it may happen. We know that this is all in the Lord’s timing and we believe that he will bless us to be parents someday. And when that day comes, that child will be so loved and welcomed.

We are grateful for each other and the love and support of family and friends on this journey. And we extend our hope and prayers to all those out there who are struggling with infertility.  


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