the kind of woman I want to be...

in new york city last fall

// inspired by this post //

. I want to create and honor traditions.

. I want to hear my children laugh daily.

. I want to document life, in word and image.

. I want to be a good friend. I want to talk about stuff that matters; do stuff that is meaningful.

. I want to hold hands with my husband, always.

. I want to have opinions and not be afraid to voice them.

. I want to wear red lipstick more often. I want to dye my hair a crazy color just because.

. I want to be more comfortable with making messes.

. I want to live self-sufficiently. Grow a garden. Learn to sew. Fix things up around the house.

. I want to savor silence.

. I want to loose myself in a good book, and often.

. I want to step out of my comfort zone.

. I want to live my life according to my own needs and wants, not those of others.

. I want my life to be a testament.

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Stephanie said...

holding hands. one of my favorites from your list, but ALL of them are great! i tell jesse often that i always want to hold his hand. luckily, he wants that too! :)