in the car

Being in the car is NOT Spencer's favorite thing. He does well for 20 or so minutes, but after that he gets fussy. Luckily most of our trips are 20 minutes or less... that keeps up both happy. He's started this new thing where when you begin to take him out of his seat he curls his back and gets really anxious to get out. Funny kid. 

These were taken awhile ago on a trip to the city. Sometimes we have to change his diaper in the back seat. It's actually kind of difficult with a wiggly baby, growing all the time on an angled surface. So fun ;)

I hope you all have a fun Halloween! I must admit I'm much more excited about it this year with a little baby. We're going to dress him up, pass out candy, make some cookies and possibly watch a scary movie. I'll be back with pictures of our cute little elephant tomorrow!

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