the magic of story

Our house is filled with stories. We read picture books, work our way through chapter books, listen to audiobooks, listen to podcasts. Stories seem to be the thread that connects our day. S is just learning how to read well on his own, and can manage to read a chapter from a simple book on his own. We started Harry Potter together after Christmas and already halfway through book two. A requests the same audiobooks over and over again (right now it's The Gruffalo and Frog and Toad - he has good taste).

my favorite kind of mess

We laugh at silly parts together, about what it means to be a good friend, guess at what is coming next. We're creating shared memories and a shared language.

Here are a few of our favorite audiobooks as of late:

Frog and Toad - just get all of these
Owl at Home
The Gruffalo
Peter and the Wolf
Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

And if your kids are into podcasts, you must listen to Circle Round.  Folktales from around the world with sweet morals and amazingly produced. We've listened to all of them multiple times.

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