scenes of christmas

This was the first year that we didn't travel for Christmas. While it was really nice not to pack suitcases, brave airport crowds or traffic jams, I'd be lying if I said I didn't tear up a little bit on Christmas day when we weren't packing up to go to Meme and Papa's house.

BUT, this Christmas was magical. Spencer was so excited about it all. We had an advent everyday and his excitement was contagious. Asher did surprisingly well with the tree - he hardly touched it at all. We decorated cookies, cut snowflakes, painted pictures, read tons of stories, drank cocoa. It was pretty close to perfect.

I love Christmas, and I love sharing it with my family. Establishing these traditions is one of my favorite things to do.


Coup n' Kal said...

Looks like Christmas success. Beautiful pictures. What are those delicious looking rolls!?

Jackie Norris said...

They are from Trader Joe's! They are frozen croissants that you let rise overnight and bake in the morning. They are amazing.