• Where I am at 27 years old... 

  • Signs of aging: My joints hurt. I blame the children.
  • My birthday requests this year: Some homemade ice cream, a few gifts to open, a nap, maybe a walk by myself.
  • Plans for the near future: A chocolate chip cookie taste-off, starting a garden.
  • In the past year I think I've gotten better at: Using my time wisely - listening to audio books or lectures instead of flipping on the TV.
  • In the next year I want to get better at: Living in the moment. Putting the phone away. Allowing myself to really play with my kids.
  • I feel rich when: The kitchen is clean, the fridge is full, my calendar is balanced.
  • Guilty pleasures: 90’s hip-hop, chocolate donettes, Saved by the Bell, tumblr (especially this one).
  • Currently reading: Heaven is Here by Stephanie Nielsen and Bel Canto by Anne Patchett.
Currently listening to: Mostly Disney Pandora or Audible kids.
Favorite recently-seen movie: Saving Mr. Banks
Big Plans: Getting my MFT degree, moving to Salt Lake City.
Worried about: Trevor being gone for five days. Sleep training.
Something that made me laugh recently: Would your rather be attacked by one horse-sized duck,
or one hundred duck-sized horses?


Madison said...

Your moving to SLC? But we would miss you. When is Trevor leaving? Can I help in any way? I know Spencer always looks at me like I'm shady, but we could kidnap him for a walk or a trip to the park if you'd like.

Madison said...

Also Happy Birthday! I'm glad you were born and that I know you.